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St. Margaret's Bay, Halifax,
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Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Wharf Builder

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At Atlantic Wharf Builders we specialize in ocean front construction but also build for lake front properties. We build wharves, docks, ramps, floats, slipways, retaining walls, stairs, landings, boathouses and decks for home and shore. We are located at the Head of St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia and mainly service Halifax-Dartmouth, St. Margaret's Bay, Mahone Bay, Chester, Lunenburg and Bridgewater.

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Wharf Construction

Wharves, Ramps, Floating Docks & Slipways

Wharves are our specialty, both timber tie and interlocking concrete tie construction. The addition of ramps, floating docks, and/or slipways completes any wharf. Read More >>

Boat houses, decks, stairs and landings

Ocean Front Carpentry

Boathouses, decks, and stairways down to your wharf or beach are great additions to your waterfront property. Our quality carpentry services are well known and often referred. Read More >>

Sea Walls & Waterline Construction

Seawalls and Landscape Retaining Systems

Shoreline construction and general landscaping often require seawalls to prevent erosion and enhance the look of your property. We build rock and timber seawalls and retaining systems that look great and will last for years. Read More >>



We offer complete excavation and grading services and we have the right size excavator for any project, big or small. We can also supply and deliver landscape materials including gravel, fill and stone. Shorefront retaining walls and boulder walls are a speciality. Read More >>

ACE Roto Molded Plastic Float Drums

Ace Roto-Mold Float Drums

We are the Canadian Maritimes exclusive dealer of ACE Roto-Mold Float Drums, one-piece seamless plastic float drums filled with EPS foam for durable long lasting flotation. Read More >>