Atlantic Wharf Builders, Nova Scotia
(902) 826-7300

(902) 826-7300

St. Margaret's Bay, Halifax,
Mahone Bay, Chester, Lunenburg
Nova Scotia
Heavy Equipment

Excavation, Trucking & Equipment

Heavy machinery is an essential tool in our line of work. Excavators and tractors dig and move heavy loads while trucks and trailers haul that equipment as well as supplies to and around job sites.


Excavators and Tractors

Our excavators and tractors are used on most wharf, seawall and retaining wall projects. From moving earth and stone to lifting loads of lumber, stone, floats and slips, and even moving boathouses, our machinery is up to the task. Our excavators are also for hire outside our standard wharf building projects.


Trucking and Hauling Supplies

Dump trucks, boom trucks, flat beads, trailers and pick up trucks. We use these to haul all our equipment and supplies as well as transport wharf sections, floats and slips.

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You can use our Contact page to send us an email. Phone us at 902-826-7300, or toll free at 855-826-7300