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Wharves, Ramps, Floating Docks & Slipways

As our name implies, building wharves is our mainstay. We are well known for the quality of construction that goes into each on. A wharf built by Atlantic Wharf Builders will look great and stand up to years of use and weather. There is a one year warranty on materials and workmanship but does not cover acts of nature

Concrete Crib Wharves

Concrete Tie Wharf Construction

Concrete tie wharves are our specialty. Wharf cribs constructed of concrete ties are more environmentally friendly and are not susceptible to worms and rot.

Timber Wharves

Wooden Timber Wharf Construction

In areas that are not too prone to ice, a traditional wooden timber wharf is a good alternative to concrete and is less costly. Consult with us on your needs and your budget and we can determine which option is best for you.

Ramps, Floating Docks, and Slipways

Floating Docks and Ramps

Many wharf systems employ a floating platform/dock that can rise and fall with the tide. We use Ace Roto-Mold float drums for our float systems. These are much more durable and longer lasting than foam. Floats can be fitted with various attachments such as swim ladders, bumper rails, cleats, etc.

  • Ramps use heavy duty construction to ensure your system is secure in high winds. Ramps can be finished with wood decking or with plastic extrusion non-skid decking.
  • Floating Docks can be built to any size to accommodate your needs.
  • Slipways can be designed to any configuration for commercial wharves or smaller private docks.

We provide a fee based seasonal ramp and float removal, storage and re-installation service for customers whose wharves we have constructed.

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